Final Part 8 of “Takedown Culture & Marc Gafni: Nancy Levine’s Egregious Con-Job, A Modern Day Gaston From Beauty and The Beast“ by Dr. Kristina Kincaid & William Gazecki

Gafni hasn’t been the only victim of Levine’s vicious attacks. Two associates of Gafni’s were also subjected to Levine’s harassment.

Kristina Kincaid, one of the co-authors of this articles, describes below her own experience of Levine’s tactics, followed by the account of eminent futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. As she points out, this kind of thing can happen to any public or semi-public figure, and by association to their friends and family members.

Here is Kincaid’s account:

Once Levine puts her false story into the space, she then goes after anyone who has actually looked into the facts and drawn a different conclusion than hers. She attempts to intimidate anyone who challenges her fake facts. When they refuse to denounce Gafni, she then goes after their employers and clients. She has done this to several people who work with Gafni, myself included.

Levine sent emails to institutions with which I am affiliated. The emails are manipulative and bullying, and call on the institutions to end their association with me if I don’t denounce Marc. Based on the false ‘facts’ about Gafni, they threaten to attack not only me but the institution itself if they continue to be associated with anyone who associates with Gafni.

This is the age-old tactic of the inquisitor. For such a person, facts don’t matter. Anyone who challenges their narrative deserves to be destroyed. Nancy is a self-appointed inquisitor masquerading as a victim advocate and investigative blogger.

The eminent futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, was also subject to attacks from Levine and her associates. She writes in an email:

Many other people who are colleagues of Marc Gafni have been attacked, by Nancy Levine in a thinly disguised attempt to destroy their reputations and careers. I myself has been attacked by Nancy Levine’s co-conspirators in the smear campaign.

This behavior is worse than simply false attacks. This is an effort to destroy the capacity of others to earn their living. What is the hidden motivation of Nancy Levine? I am completely convinced, based on extensive information and personal experience, that the motives of the attacks against me had nothing to do with victim advocacy. That was just their clever disguise. I am outraged by this anti-democratic and anti-evolutionary behavior. I am speaking out and will continue to do so until this conflict is justly resolved.

The Internet has produced two kinds of investigative bloggers and activists. Those who serve journalistic truth, who check facts and evidence and those who use the Internet as a bully pulpit in the service of their careers or prejudices, often to attack leaders with distorted narratives and fake facts.

It’s time that we all learn to discern the difference!

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