On this site, Marc Gafni responds to the internet smear campaign that was initiated against him and the Center for Integral Wisdom in the fall of 2015.

Over the course of this campaign, which is still going on, Marc has been accused on the web of being a serial abuser, pedophile, sociopath, and black magician, to name but a few of the most horrendous accusations. Obviously, none of this is true – as you will clearly begin to see if you approach the content of this site with an open heart and an open mind.

The purpose of the website is to restore integrity and to set the record straight. It will give you access to a great amount of objective facts, none of which have been taken into account by Marc Gafni’s accusers.

Even more importantly it will teach you how to discern myths from facts, truth from outrageous lies, as well as valid accusations from smear campaigns.

In this post-truth era of internet echo chambers and fake news, any leader can be taken down by a small group of people who initiate and organize a smear campaign against them. Public culture needs to evolve. So, most importantly, this website is an invitation to take a stand for the evolution of love in public culture. It is an invitation to dialogue.

After everything that was said and done, in this video, Dr. Marc Gafni invites his accusers to dialogue and to commit to transformation, balanced responsibility, and appropriate apology just as he has.