The orchestrated Marc Gafni smear campaign began in the early fall of 2015. Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network, was angry at Barbara Marx Hubbard for refusing to “work under him” in fulfilling her vision of a planetary awakening event in 2020. Instead, she had enrolled Marc Gafni and the Center for Integral Wisdom as partners in the event.

On September 15th, Dinan rebuked Barbara “harshly” in a public forum on account of Marc’s involvement. Soon after, he began forwarding to Barbara old and already-refuted information about past allegations against Marc. Barbara implored Dinan to meet with Marc and check evidence, but he adamantly refused.

In early October, Dinan put Barbara in touch with Chaya Lester and David Ingber, his primary partners in this campaign and the folks who were central actors or organizers of the 2006 false complaints in Israel. All of this was an attempt by Dinan to undermine Barbara’s teaching collaboration with Marc. It did not work, so a New York Times columnist, known for taking down spiritual teachers, was enrolled, and the smear campaign was put into motion on December 24th.

September 2018

Social Murder on the Internet: The True Marc Gafni Story

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Board Members of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Dr. Kristina Kincaid and Chahat Corten, wrote an excellent piece elaborating on the case study of Marc Gafni, distinguishing the True Marc Gafni Story from the mass of false claims, manufactured victim [...]

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

Anatomy of a Smear: The Internet Trial of Marc Gafni

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If you are looking for the most comprehensive discussion and analysis of the Marc Gafni smear campaign, start by reading this article. Previously unreleased evidence, reaching back nearly a decade, exposes the false allegations of abuse, along with the people [...]

December 2016

August 2016

Barbara Marx Hubbard Telling the Truth about Stephen Dinan’s Smear Campaign Against Marc Gafni

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Barbara Marx Hubbard tells the truth behind the Marc Gafni controversy. Barbara Marx Hubbard tells the missing background story about Stephen Dinan's Smear Campaign against Marc Gafni and how it unfolded over time. She tells the story in the two videos [...]

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