Barbara Marx Hubbard tells the truth behind the Marc Gafni controversy. Barbara Marx Hubbard tells the missing background story about Stephen Dinan’s Smear Campaign against Marc Gafni and how it unfolded over time. She tells the story in the two videos above: one from a live Sacred Retreat, the other from Wisdom School in 2016.

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In the first video, from Sacred Retreat, Barbara says:

There’s not one single friend I have who thinks I should be doing this. They said, “Why would you be speaking up, Barbara? What does this have to do in your life?” Well, a lot. And I want to tell you exactly what it has to do with my life. First of all, as I think we mentioned, I was introduced to Marc Gafni by friends. We taught together. I read his books. And way before any of this was happening I recognized a genuine evolutionary genius. And me being a somewhat lonely conscious evolutionary, to find one whose inner impulse of understanding is so connected to my own, we became friends on email. That’s about it.

She then goes on to tell why she was driven to “join genius” with Marc Gafni:

And we also recognized that something that I had been working toward in my own teaching for years was happening, which I’m calling joining genius. And genius in each person is their unique creativity to create. It’s not just a good idea. It’s unique creativity to create, his unique creativity to create. What I began to see is that for me to fulfill my destiny as a human being with an impulse of this strength required joining genius. I was not going to do it sitting alone in Santa Barbara. I was not going to do it and I could tell that I wasn’t. So by grace of God I met him. I met his board. I began to read all his books.

You can also find the video on this page.

In the second video, from Wisdom School, Barbara starts with framing her story as a Greek drama:

Thank you, Marc. I’m so happy to be here with everyone, really. And I’d like to cast my story in the framework of a Greek drama. And I’m reminded when I was a student of mythology at Bryn Mawr College reading Aeschylus, and in this great epic play for the first time there was a triumph in Greek mythology, because almost all the plays ended up in just total disaster. And I remember when I was at Bryn Mawr thinking how would we write a play in modern society that would be a triumph like this play by Aeschylus? I think we’ve found it.

She also talks about her hope for a desired outcome:

And I’m going to tell this as I have been able to experience it, as a drama that can either lead to destruction or, as in this Greek drama of Aeschylus, to triumph for democracy. And I’d like to cast this in the evolution of democracy that is an issue that has been brought up by this situation. So I’m going to start out and just tell you briefly the story of what I know about how this seemed to have been initiated.

You can also watch this video on this page.

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