In 2006, Marc was falsely accused of sexual harassment in complaints made by two women he knew through his organization in Israel. These complaints, which were claimed to have been registered with the Israeli police, were totally unexpected by Marc. They caused him to leave the country, go silent, and spend the next several years recovering evidence that had been, according to forensic experts, intentionally deleted from his computer.

As is revealed in soon-to-be-released document posted in this section, Marc’s former wife, Chaya, and his former student, David Ingber are revealed, directly or indirectly, as key organizers of these complaints. Moreover, additional evidence undermining these complaints will be shared directly, for the first time. This evidence contains extensive first-person accounts by the persons in question about their experience of their relationships with Marc at the time.

This evidence will be contrasted with the complaints they made and with the nature of how the press reported on these claims, which were in fact never registered with the police, as was discovered in 2014. The reader is invited to draw their own conclusions from this newly released evidence.

September 2018

Summation & Relevancy of the Marc Gafni Polygraph Results

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In early fall 2007 Marc Gafni asked his legal advisor at the time, to initiate a polygraph test which might help him clear his name of false accusations and complaints. The complaints he was interested in refuting were of two [...]

February 2017

January 2017

Anatomy of a Smear: The Internet Trial of Marc Gafni

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If you are looking for the most comprehensive discussion and analysis of the Marc Gafni smear campaign, start by reading this article. Previously unreleased evidence, reaching back nearly a decade, exposes the false allegations of abuse, along with the people [...]

December 2016

Marc Gafni’s Response to Chaya Lester – Marc’s Former Wife

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Marc Gafni has maintained silence in response to five defamatory public rants written, published, and circulated by his former wife Chaya since 2006. In this article,  Marc Gafni breaks the silence about the so-called "Marc Gafni scandal" in order to [...]

June 2016

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