The Meta Topic here is False Sexual Complaints Marc Gafni.

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Some excerpts from the first video

Marc Gafni explains why he has always tried to walk away from conflict:

I’ve always been active in public culture. And my response to injustice has always been to walk away and not fight. And I’ve received enormous counsel from people along the way to fight, and my basic sense was that my job as a spiritual teacher wasn’t to fight, that I’d rather leave a circle than actually engage in a fight, because you almost never win a fight. It’s very hard to win. It becomes a he said, she said. There’s a lot of mudslinging. It’s all played out in the press. The press is about simple lies, not about complex truth. Lies are simple. Truth is complex.

Gafni goes on:

And the truth is it’s unpleasant. That idea that Sexual Complaints Marc Gafni are even associated in a sentence even if it is false sexual complaints Marc Gafni breaks my heart. But life often breaks our heart. It’s not enjoyable. I’d rather be creating new dharma, building an organization, writing a new book. Barbara and I are both crazy book writers. We’ve each written about 10. The most important books I want to write are still before me. I’m working now on eight or nine different major books with major partners. Barbara and I, my two favorites are ones that we’re doing about the future of evolutionary spirituality, the next steps, the future of relationships.

But Marc Gafni’s approach has now changed to what he calls ” full facts, full information, full disclosure:”

And so my approach has always been to walk away, and I’m now changing that approach. What’s really happened in the last six months has actually forced me to reevaluate that approach, and I’m changing it in the most dramatic way, and I’m beginning to respond very directly, very forcefully with full facts, full information, full disclosure, because I basically realize that walking away is just not an option. If it was an option, to be perfectly clear, I would take it, but since it’s not, the only other option is full truth, full engagement, and let the chips fall where they may.


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