Donna Zerner is closely associated with David Ingber and Chaya Lester and was a primary supporter of the false complaints after they were made against Marc Gafni. Her hidden motives are explained in these videos.

This playlist above consists of an invitation to Donna Zerner, an intro, and sixteen main videos.

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The first main video starts out with a special introduction by Lisa Engles, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom:

In this segment Marc is going to be responding to Donna Zerner’s YouTube video, which she posted on May 14th, 2016. It was entitled: The Shadow Behind the Light. And in that video*, which was about a 14-minute long performance, that she publicly told her story of her relationship with Marc.

So, now, Marc is with us obviously today. And, Marc, you have repeatedly stated over and over again that you have no intention of shaming Donna or any desire to engage in this conversation. In fact, you actually haven’t engaged in Donna’s public attacks for at least 10 years, you’ve held silence, but now Donna has really taken her public attack a step further by using her story as a weapon in the public space.

As we go through this story and as you go through the transcript here, we really do see that it’s a form of distortion that needs to be responded to by you for the sake of integrity, for the sake of you, your family, your colleagues, your friends and, most importantly, for the sake of the evolution of love in public culture and for the sake of truth, honestly. So, we’re going to just hop right into this, and could you maybe begin by telling us exactly who is Donna Zerner and what was your relationship to her?

*You can read a transcript of the video by Donna that this series responds to here>>>


If you want to just watch one of the 16 main videos, you can also watch them on single pages by following the links below (the playlists on these posts only consist of two videos: the intro and the main video).

Main Video Posts with just one video plus intro:

  1. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 01: Who Is Donna Zerner?
  2. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 02: Weaponizing Your Personal Story
  3. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 03: Making False Claims
  4. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 04: Disowning Her Power Part 1
  5. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 05: Disowning Her Power Part 2: Domination/Submission
  6. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 06: Fainting
  7. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 07: Secrecy vs. Privacy
  8. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 08: Self-Infantilizing: “In a Trance”
  9. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 09: Caricaturing My Motives and Interiors
  10. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 10: False complaints Part 1: False Re-Narration
  11. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 11: False Complaints Part 2: Smear Campaign Players and Old Stories
  12. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 12: False Complaints Part 3: Old Stories
  13. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 13: False Complaints Part 4: 2006
  14. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 14: The Ulterior Motive for Demonization
  15. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 15: Donna’s Hidden Motives
  16. Marc Gafni’s Response to Donna 16: The Myth of Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire