Our topic in this section is False Complaints Marc Gafni.

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In this series entitled False Complaints Marc Gafni, Marc Gafni elaborates on the False Claims that were made about him in 2006 and how this relates to the Evolution of Public Culture:

My name is Marc Gafni and I’m the president of the Center for Integral Wisdom, a leading edge think tank committed to evolving the source codes of culture. We work in the areas of education, relationships, business, entrepreneurship, politics, Eros, sexuality, and recovery.

Gafni continues:

I’m here to talk about my least favorite topic, False Complaints Marc Gafni. I’m here to talk about not the classical fields we’re involved in but something new that we’ve taken on in the think tank, which is the evolution of public culture, the evolution of consciousness in public culture.  And by public culture I mean what happens in our public spaces, what happens on the Internet, what happens in the public discourse between the sexes, between men and women, what happens in the way we handle conflict in our public spaces.

Gafni explains why he and the think tank realized that this was part of their work:

…that we’re deeply committed to taking a stand on these issues, is because I personally and we as a community experienced the horror of false complaints.

Marc then begins to tell his story:

In 2006, when I was living in Israel, experienced a public attack in which public complaints of sexual harassment were made against me. Let me say at the outset, the complaints were categorically not true. They’ve been proven demonstrably not true, but they wreaked enormous havoc in my life…

After a brief summary of the story, he then goes on:

Now, why am I talking about this? I’m talking about this not merely because it caused me enormous pain beyond imagination, not merely because it was devastating to my family, not merely because it took down 10 years of work that I had done. I’m here because there’s something much bigger than Marc or my circle of friends and colleagues, as important as those are and I love them dearly, but there’s something much bigger at stake, which is we have to recognize that false complaints exist. As long as there have been complaints in human history, there have been false complaints.

Dr. Marc Gafni then addresses some of the deeper issues:

There’s a myth in culture which needs to be busted, and here’s how it works. Men are predators; men are sexual harassers. Women complain; when they complain they’re always telling the truth. Neither of those are true. Most men are not harassers. Most men honor the feminine greatly. I’ve never sexually harassed anyone in my life, and I stand fully against any form of sexual harassment. And most women don’t make false complaints, but some women do, just like some men sexually harass.

And we take it as a given that if a complaint is made it must be true, so much so that today just the fact that a complaint of sexual harassment has been made, without any fact checking, without any fair process, without cross-checking evidence, the very fact of a complaint is enough to wreak massive destruction in a person’s life.


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