Marc Gafni Talks about Truth, Abuse & Malice

In preparation for this website, which is both a go-to place for everybody wanting to understand the facts and specific background of the Marc Gafni Smear Campaign AND a place to get a better understanding of the overarching issues, memes and distinctions driving the whole story, Marc Gafni has recorded many videos explaining different aspects of the story.

There is one playlist specifically where Marc Gafni deals with the overarching issues of how we deal with truth, abuse and malice in our culture.

In order to make it easier for you, we have finally completed the process of adding descriptions and partial transcripts to the single video pages. We urge you to listen carefully to what Marc Gafni has to say and/or read the descriptions and partial transcripts.

Marc Gafni on Discerning Truth: The 4 Litmus Tests

How do you know that ulterior motives are hidden behind what seem to be the noble claims of rescuers and protectors?

How do we know if we’re dealing with a legitimate issue that needs to be confronted? Or are we dealing with false complaints? Are we dealing with a smear campaign? How can we tell the difference in public culture?

These are the questions that Marc asks and answers in this clip on the 4 Litmus Tests of Discerning Truth.

Marc Gafni on Malice and the Victim Triangle

In this video, Gafni elaborates on the unpopular topic of malice and the victim triangle.

From: Marc Gafni on Malice and the Victim TriangleOften the motivation for false complaints is simply malice. Now, malice is not a word that we like to relate to. Malice is something that we’re shamed by when we have a feeling of malice towards another person. One philosopher called it grenvy, a mixture of greed and envy. Or rage, rage sometimes is a motivation for malice. When we act out of malice we feel enormously shamed. So we look to cover up the motivation of malice. Milan Kundera, the great writer, wrote: “Malice must never admit of itself, so it must always plead other motives.” No one ever admits malice.

Marc Gafni on Manipulating through the Confirmation Bias in Service of Untruth

In this video, Dr. Marc addresses three reasons why false complaints against a powerful man are so easy to make and so easy to have stick. One of the reasons we have come to call confirmation bias.

Marc Gafni on The Hidden Payoff to Demonization

What are the hidden motives and gains to be had in demonizing a person? Gafni starts this video with the question “Why do we demonize someone?”

Marc Gafni on Deploying the Myth of Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire – The Playbook

In this video, Marc reveals the myth of Where there is smoke there is fire and the hidden playbook of a smear campaign.

Marc Gafni on Digital Abuse: Crowdsourcing a Witch Hunt

In this clip, Dr. Gafni talks about the use of the internet for crowdsourcing a witch hunt.

Marc Gafni on Digital Abuse – Dog-Piling of Sources

In this clip, Marc explains how false sources get created and then cited as evidence for the next source. This is what he calls Dog-Piling of Sources. It is also the Methodology of the Big Lie, which is: A lie plus a lie equals the truth.

Marc Gafni on Digital Abuse: Google Results

In this video clip, Dr. Marc distinguishes between Freedom of speech and the new phenomenon of Internet abuse, which we barely know how to engage it.

Marc Gafni on Sexual McCarthyism

In this video, Gafni talks about the important topic of “Sexual McCarthyism.” This term draws a parallel between the way Senator McCarthy used the valid criticism on Communism to discredit political opponents (= McCarthyism) and the way our important and necessary stand against sexual abuse and sexual harassment is used for ulterior motives (= Sexual McCarthyism).

Marc Gafni on Name Rape

In this video, Marc addresses the suffering imposed on people by what is referred to in the literature as Name Rape in a very personal way. He points out that often, until we experience a particular kind of suffering ourselves, we don’t really understand it.

Marc Gafni on Fake News

This is Gafni‘s Response to a student article written in The Badger Herald addressing the topic of Fake News.

2/2/17 Shocking Fake News Story: Marc Gafni Responds

In this video, after framing it inside the larger conversation of fake news in our post-truth society, Marc recounts a recent incident.

After starting out as a story about fake news and character assassination, this evolved into a beautiful story of healing and evolution.

THIS really IS a part of the evolution of love that Dr. Gafni and the Center for Integral Wisdom take a stand for in public culture.

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