Center for Integral Wisdom Board Member Dr. Warren Farrell has been interviewed, together with Paul Elam, by Cassie Jaye** in her “The Red Pill: Raw Files” Series*. At Who Is Marc Gafni, we recommend Warren Farrell’s work highly.

In the interview, they explore the connections between Patriarchy and Male Disposibility: Is Male Disposability the Fault of Patriarchy?

Warren states:

  • Warren Farrel, Male Disposability, Marc Gafni, Center for Integral Wisdom, Gafni, Dr. Marc Gafni, Male Power and Powerlessness, Female Power and PowerlessnessThe world was not controlled by patriarchy, the world was controlled by the need to survive.
  • Wherever survival occured, there was some kind of role division.
  • Neither gender had rights.
  • Both genders risked their lives.
  • They did all that with the dream that “my children will have a better life than I have.”
  • The woman’s movement has done a wonderful thing: It has expanded the options for women.
  • Before the woman’s movement, men would raise money, women would raise children.
  • Now, women are able to raise money as well, but men are not honored if they want to raise children.
  • When either sex wins, both sexes loose.
  • The women’s movement at the university has looked at the world through the lens of female powerlessness, and the lens of what they think male power looks like. They haven’t looked at the world from the perspective of men’s experience of powerlessness or the perspective of what men experience as the female power of beauty, youth, sexuality, or sexual withdrawal.
  • To have a discussion from only one perspective and call that a university insults the very concept of freedom of speech and intellectual curiosity.
  • Patriarchy is not the only filter through which we can look at gender equality.

He then gives a description of how a world would look like if it were a patriarchy.

Enjoy the video clip.


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