Hui Wang has started a petition on to “Protect Professor Camille Paglia From Political Persecution” in response to a petition by Sheridan Merrick “to fire a tenured Professor, Camille Paglia, from the University of the Arts for her dissenting views on how best to accommodate transgender individuals and to handle cases of sexual assault.”

“Professor Camille Paglia is the author of Sexual Personae; Free Women, Free Men; Vamps & Tramps; Break, Blow, Burn; and Glittering Images, books of breathtaking scope and towering erudition on art, feminism, politics, sex, and education. Professor Camille Paglia’s positions are thoughtful, nuanced, provocative, but never unfair or unnecessarily cruel.”

From the Petition by Hui Wang

This is the video Sheridan Merrick took issue with:

In a comment, Hui Wang writes to Sheridan Merrick:

” You are persecuting political dissidents. If you have a point of view, support it with arguments. You, however, do not have the right to silence others. University professors have tenure precisely to protect both the professors and their intellectual integrity against political pressure from both the establishment and the mob. UArts must stand up for Camille Paglia’s right to think, speak, and write freely.”

Wang goes on:

“Please sign this petition if you agree that UArts should allow Professor Camille Paglia to:

1. Continue her work at UArts without change,

2. Debate and answer questions from the students who disagree with her in an undisrupted setting.”

In another comment, Gabriel LAVERDIÈRE writes:

“For anyone who has bothered to consider it fairly, Camille Paglia’s record speaks to her unrelenting humanity, her large view of sociopolitical matters, her queer perspective on the arts, and her continued support for the individual voice, however dissenting it may be. The recent calls for her firing are profoundly unjust and unreasonable.”

More videos by Camille Paglia to see what she stands for: