– Marc Gafni’s friends, collaborators, and supporters speak out for the sake of restoring integrity. This statement by JL on the Lack of Due Process or Fact Checking in the Gafni Scandal was first posted as a comment to the Center for Integral Wisdom statement on centerforintegralwisdom.org. You can read the statement below or listen to the audio. –

I have known Marc for many years as a colleague and friend, and have watched with great interest as the group of intelligent, successful, independent group of accomplished adults have gathered to form the Center for Integral Wisdom. What has impressed me most is how Marc has empowered others, worked in collaboration, or simply supported the deep expression of others’ gifts. It has been shocking to witness the mass attack online, without any due process or fact checking on the part of the people who are engaging in this full-fledged character assassination.

Having known people on all sides of this media outrage – those from the past, those aggressively attacking Marc’s reputation, and those whose lives he has touched in a deep way – it is truly painful to watch countless people who don’t know the first thing about him and have never met him write such scathing attacks. I would invite those who, not knowing Marc, are willfully slandering him, to deeply engage their own conscious and unconscious motivations, to place themselves in his shoes (not who the media is portraying him to be but the shoes of a powerful, deeply loving man), and to meet him and judge his character for themselves.
– JL