– Marc Gafni’s friends, collaborators, and supporters speak out for the sake of restoring integrity. This comment by Mike W. on Marc Gafni Following the Traditional Kabbalistic Formula was first posted to the Center for Integral Wisdom statement on centerforintegralwisdom.org. You can read the statement below or listen to the audio. –

Marc Mordechai Gafni is a sweet and loving man who works tirelessly for the sake of others. I have known Marc for quite some time and from our first meeting, I felt a wave of love and compassion.

I’ve been studying Kabbalah for over 14 years from some of the world’s best Kabbalists, and when Marc and I started studying together, I realized that he is in the category of World’s best.

Throughout time, different Kabbalists became famous for various attributes and accomplishments. Marc has a unique gift for combining wisdom and heart. There are only about eight inches between our brain and heart, and unfortunately, most scholars never connect the two. The ability to do so is Marc’s incredible gift. Marc’s capacity to break down complex concepts and combine them with the heart and emotions has helped create new shifts in how I perceive things in my daily life. These teachings will last a lifetime. I highly recommend learning from Marc in these one-on-one settings.

Marc’s work at the Center for Integral Wisdom is vital to help end the world’s pain and suffering. I’ve had the honor to work closely with the center on a few projects and witnessed a man who is on a mission. The center’s success is due in large part to Marc’s ability to bring the right people together. You often hear that you can tell the quality of the individual by examining their friends. What can you know about the quality of an individual when you examine the board members who not only pledge their money but, more importantly, their time? You can tell a whole lot. The board members are incredible, and they possess many of the same characteristics as their leader – ego in check, brilliant and heartfelt.

Shortly after my first encounter with Marc, he shared his past circumstances. He shared the details and pointed me to articles and his blog. We all are imperfect. Marc hid nothing and was transparent. Time heals and time fabricates. Our minds are powerful instruments. We often imagine things differently than they occurred, especially ten, twenty and even thirty years ago. I know, as a teenager, I did many things that today would be borderline acts. Does it make my actions right? Certainly not. However, recognizing that I missed the mark and going through a multi-step process of Teshuvah is the only action I can take. It’s a process of returning to one’s innermost self. Marc taught by example following the traditional Kabbalistic formula. In conversation with me he recognized mistakes he had made in the normal course of being a human being. He expressed verbal regret for any wrong action, together with a sincere desire to create resolution with anyone he had hurt in his life in any situation where that might be possible. Marc’s modeling of this was very important to me. It is the mark of true humility that is a prerequisite of being a leader.

I am honored to be a student of Marc Gafni’s as well as a partner and board member of the Center. One of the Center’s themes is that outrageous pain is swallowing the world, and that the only solution is outrageous love. Marc drives this concept of outrageous love throughout the teachings, books and live events. It takes a special person to be able to take on the world’s negativity with light and love. Marc’s soul recognizes that the only way to end the world’s pain and suffering is through an outpouring of love. His commitment to bringing us all on this journey, his dedication to empowering us to be part of the cause, and his unwavering leadership is what it’s going to take.

I love you like a brother!

Your friend, partner and student.

Mike W.