– Marc Gafni’s collaborators, colleagues, supporters, and friends speak out about the smear campaign against Marc Gafni, for the sake of restoring integrity. This response by Chahat Corten was first posted as a comment to the Center for Integral Wisdom statement on centerforintegralwisdom.org. You can read the statement below or listen to the audio. –

I met Marc Gafni some five years ago. Colleagues invited him to our place, after hearing him speak as the initiator of a big event in California (ISE1).

When I first heard him teach, I quickly got that there’s something very Unique about him. I have been around forever and have seen many teachers at work.

His depth of mind, the original thinker he is, is combined with an enormous loving heart.

He is uniquely able to bring complex material to life in a way that can be really received and understood by a broad range of people. People on various levels of understanding…. and he can totally capture their hearts and minds AND have them in the same room too!! I have never seen anything quite like this in a life where I have seen so many teachers.

I stepped into the board of CIW and we created several events together in which deep thought of the Center for Integral Wisdom gets applies and evaluated. Beautiful and intense events which became very successful in both developing new teachings and in numbers of participants.

And Marc just blows the room open, again and again. Not just with his mind, but with his open heart which is so sincere, powerful and direct. I am amazed and blown away myself each time!

Everybody feels personally addressed and seen.

People feel his love and total commitment for the dharma, the teaching. And next to that they feel seen, he sees them… In honor, in humor and in gratitude for them being there!!

Seeing him work, and prepare minutely for these teachings, reflects totally what I hear, as I am speaking to the hundreds of participants over the years.

I receive story after story of how his teaching and transmission has opened a door for so many people to find more grace, more strength, more depth in themselves! People just love him and feel loved by him.

For myself, I can wholeheartedly say that I meet a constant support for my own empowerment in deepening my unique gifts in this world. You know it’s not about him; it’s about people finding the best in themselves.

I am so proud to be together with such a beautiful and diverse band of people, working in the Center for Integral Wisdom and addressing many important issues at hand.

In CIW I see the great heart, the brilliance and the love of a man who knows how to bring very different people together and from that we truly create an awesome Symphony of Outrageous Love.

I totally condemn and abhor this organized and orchestrated, jealous vendetta / internet assassination on the Center for Integral Wisdom and on the person and the work of Dr. Marc Gafni.

Actually what is being done here is one of the issues that is being brought to Marc – it is a great projection – manipulation driven by a personal frustration.

It has been hard to be silent until now and to watch this absurd and vicious drama unfold. A drama again that has been written with a cleverness and a persistence that gives me shivers of dismay.

I am proud to be part of this post! I am ready to move on with all of us together, proudly move on with open hearts, open minds, full commitment and integrity, ready for the next beautiful unfolding of Outrageous Love.

Chahat Corten,

Outrageous Lover
and co-founder of the
Mystery School of Love,