Creating a Fake Marc Gafni: Weaponizing Your Personal Story

In 2016, a ‘fake’ Marc Gafni was manufactured through a malicious smear campaign. This series of videos describes the play book of a smear campaign and how easy it is to create a false persona.

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The smear campaign has basically created an alternative persona of Marc Gafni. It has created what we call a “Fake Marc Gafni” here.

It has also worked to “weaponize sex” and to “weaponize your personal story.”

In this excerpt, Dr. Marc Gafni elaborates on why story is important and how it can be abused:

One of the dimensions of my teaching and my belief and my commitment is what I call sacred autobiography. And sacred autobiography means that your life, my life is a sacred text, that our stories matter, that the details of our stories matter, not that we want to get lost in the details, not that we want to obsess about them again and again, but the broad contours, the depth and even the detail, the profound unfolding of our stories matters in a real way.

Ultimately, Marc says, it is about “incarnating your sacred autobiography.” He goes on:

Telling your story matters, telling your sacred autobiography matters, and telling your story accurately without distortion, without exaggeration, without grandiosity and without inappropriate self-deprecation, without shame, without self-degradation, all of this matters. There’s a moment in which you embrace your story and you feel the glory of your story and the goodness of your story. You begin to live your story. That’s when you begin to incarnate your fullness as a human being, you begin to incarnate your sacred autobiography.

Now, it’s critical to realize that for many years, many centuries, the individual’s story didn’t matter. The emergence of the dignity of the individual is relatively recent in human history. The idea of democracy is relatively recent. The idea that the individual has a right to vote, that the individual has inalienable and irreducible rights is a great evolution of consciousness. And part of that evolution of consciousness is that your story matters. It’s a big deal. And therefore first-person testimony, the telling of our individual stories, matters.

Gafni then makes a critical distinction:

The Internet has provided a new possibility. You can bypass the classical structures of power and tell your story directly. That’s beautiful and that’s holy and that’s an evolution of consciousness, deeply desired, and I want to deeply stand for it and deeply affirm it.

At the same time, we have to recognize that there’s another possibility of abuse that emerges with this new evolution of consciousness, and that is the weaponizing of one’s personal story.


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