In this video Dr. Zak Stein addresses some of the underlying issues of the Marc Gafni Story during his talk at Wisdom School 2016. He talks about scapegoating in the context of Greek myth, Christmas, and philosophy. Then, he inquires into the evolution of democracy, google-search algorithms, and the current devolution of culture.

We invite you to listen carefully to his words that address why this story acts like a didactic play for all of us. How we do conflict tells us a lot about who we are.

What is at stake here is no less than the (d)evolution of our public culture.

For more voices of Marc Gafni’s colleagues and supporters, visit our Voices Section. In his other response there, Zak explains his relationship to the Marc Gafni Story:

Granted, I know Marc well. I am helping to build the Center for Integral Wisdom think tank along with Gafni, Kempton, Galperin, Maloney, Ingersoll, Farrell, Wilber, Schmachtenberger, Fuhs, and about 10 other scholars. As a group we’ve got over ten books in process and about four nearly ready for press. During this multi-year collaboration I have found Marc to be an incredibly creative writer and teacher, and arguably the best practitioner-scholar of Jewish mysticism on the planet. I also consider Marc a close personal friend, having known him for nearly a decade; I believe we share an uncommon passion for deep philosophical reading and scholarship. I have never experienced Marc as anything other than transparent, generous, and thoughtful.

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