The hidden structures underlying the “manufactured” Marc Gafni scandal are explained here.

In the playlist above that consists of an intro plus three videos, Marc Gafni summarizes the most important issues of the recent Smear Campaign which generated the contrived Marc Gafni scandal.

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In the first video after the intro…

Marc Gafni offers a brief summation of the artificially orchestrated Marc Gafni scandal which was deliberately  generated by the smear campaign:

Thank you for being willing to spend the time to cultivate discernment and to get a deep sense of the nature of what we have started to call the smear campaign that was initiated against myself, Marc Gafni, and the Center for Integral Wisdom in the fall of 2015. What I’d like to do in this video, which is the very last video that we’ve made for this website, is to just touch lightly upon the basic themes of the website and to give you, if it’s helpful to you, a kind of summation response to the smear campaign. I’m going to try and do it in the most organized way that I can, just so we’ll get a sense of the timeline and who’s who and how people are related in the story.

Marc Gafni then goes on:

I’m not going to engage in an extensive amount of he said, she said. I just want to give you the bare facts so that you’ll have the ability to really understand for yourself the deeper structures that are happening behind the scenes here. How is a smear campaign enacted? Why does it matter? Why is it critical for the sake of our public culture, for the sake of civil society, for the sake of everything we believe in, in the American way, of justice, of integrity, why it’s critical to respond?


In the second video…

Dr. Gafni talks “about apology, personal responsibility and hurt.” He goes on:

I have always been available to talk about any hurt that anyone experienced at any time in their understanding from me in personal relationship. We hurt each other in personal relationship. That happens. How did Bono say it? We hurt each other and we do it again. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt terribly, massively in personal relationships. So I’m always available to apologize, and I have whenever I’ve had the opportunity, to apologize for any hurt in the normal arc of human relationships.

Later on Gafni says:

This is not about the contrived Marc Gafni scandal. This is about integrity in public culture. It’s about restoring integrity. It’s about the way we talk to each other. It’s about the way we do conflict.

Marc ends this video with:

It challenges the very nature of the love that lives between us. It challenges the very way we create relationship. It challenges the core integrity of our civil society. So I need to stand for the evolution of love and for the evolution of public culture. And I am here to apologize to anyone at any time that wants to actually engage in mutual responsibility taking, fairness, transformation. Thank you. Thank you so much.


In the final video of this playlist…

Dr. Marc Gafni states:

Everything that I say in these recordings is based on careful checking, a decade of conversation, careful conversation, affidavits, gathering of information, recorded statements and the like. It’s important to understand that I haven’t initiated any of this conversation. I have no desire to in any way attack, defame Stephen Dinan, David Ingber or Chaya, nor have I done so in any way.

Towards the end, Gafni continues:

I’m not making claims at all of any kind on this site that are not based on substantive information, which have not been carefully reviewed by counsel. There are quite a few claims that I believe are true that we have not made, simply because we can’t substantiate them. And so we’ve tried to be very, very punctilious, very careful with an enormous amount of integrity. I’ve said the minimum that I need to say in order to repudiate the false claims made against me.


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