The Marc Gafni smear led by key organizer, Stephen Dinan, is a classic example of how the internet is the perfect tool for a modern day witch hunt.  In this series of videos Marc, responds directly to Dinan, ultimately inviting him to a face to face meeting which Dinan has repeatedly refused.

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After diving right into the middle of the smear campaign, Dr. Marc Gafni starts out to say:

Let me share with you what happened as it’s been shared with me, and it’s been shared with me primarily by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Barbara Marx Hubbard is a leading evolutionary teacher. She’s now co-chair of the board of our think tank, the Center for Integral Wisdom, where I’m privileged to serve as president, and she took the role of co-chair of the board to protest Stephen’s smear campaign. So let me tell you how this unfolded.

He goes on:

In June 2015, Barbara had spoken to me about giving a course with her and her sister, Patricia Ellsberg, the three of us giving it together on The Shift Network. The Shift Network is Stephen Dinan’s New Age spirituality course network. Barbara told me she spoke to Stephen and that Stephen had agreed. Now, Stephen and I, I don’t think ever intuitively were responsive to each other. I was never responsive or never resonated with his message or kind of subtle sense of what he was doing, but certainly didn’t wish him any evil or any harm.

Gafni then explains that he had heard some negative things about Dinan, continuing:

Obviously we take into account that which we hear. I try to take it into account as little as possible, because there are all sorts of reasons that all sorts of people say all sorts of things. So I can only judge by my own direct experience and by really looking carefully and deeply at what that direct experience is, what lenses I’m interpreting it through, and I can also judge by the actual actions that a person takes in relationship and interaction with me. And so although I had heard some profoundly negative judgments of Stephen, I dismissed them. Sadly, based on my own experience, some very, very, very sad and dark pathology would seem to be at play here, which breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart to have to respond to it. So let me share what happened.


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