Two stories from Marc Gafni’s youth have been cynically-distorted and questionably used by the organizers of the smear campaign and false complaints in Israel in order to demonize Marc as a “rapist,” “pedophile,” and “predator.”

The first story concerns Marc’s short-term relationship with Sara Kabakov when he was 19. The second concerns a one-time encounter with Judy Mitzner when he was 24. The facts in both stories have been mangled and manipulated over the last 30 years, and now, they are being used to fuel the ongoing smear, which publicly claims to be protecting future victims, but privately seeks to destroy Marc’s reputation.

Here, you will find two new responses concerning each story. They provide a detailed narrative, which cast serious doubt on the veracity of the stories told by the women in question. Moreover, serious questions are also raised about the people behind the scenes who have encouraged and used Judy and Sara over the past several decades.

May 2014

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