Marc Gafni responds to smear campaign organizer, David Ingber in this series of videos.  David Ingber is a former student who Marc ordained and with whom Marc broke ties because of David’s ethical violations. David, according to many sources and much information, was a major actor in the false complaints of 2006 and in the demonization which served to cover up the false complaints.

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Marc Gafni:

In this series of videos, I want to talk about the anatomy of a smear. And a smear campaign is a new form of cyberbullying and it’s particularly insidious, it’s particularly devastating to the emergence of new leadership. Cyberbullying generally attacks an individual. A smear campaign is a form of cyberbullying that’s deployed to take down, to destroy emergent leadership.

Gafni then goes on:

We all know that in the political world, the corporate world, the religious world, the church world, the move motivated by power, by greed, by malice, by all the things that tragically motivate the darker side of the human being, the move to take down a leader is always present and is really one of the demarcating features of human history. What’s happened in the contemporary social world, particularly in the spiritual world, that drive motivated by malice hides itself and deploys very particular methods that have never really been unmasked. Malice, writes Milan Kundera, must never admit of itself, so it must always plead other motives.

He continues:

And, particularly, I want to talk about the malice of a particular person, David Ingber, who has been an animating force in both the smear campaign that took place against me and my circle of friends and colleagues at the Center for Integral Wisdom at the end of 2015 and into 2016, but David actually—and this is part of the anatomy of a smear—David actually has been a prime mover, really the core instigator moving to try and undermine my ability to teach, to lead, to contribute for almost 12 years.

Marc then talks about David’s role in the false complaints in Israel in 2006.

The complaints have been proven categorically false. There is an article by Clint Fuhs, who was then president of The Integral Institute, that deal in depth with the documentation which shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the complaints were false. Mia Cohen and the other complainants—there were two primary complainants—as their complaints were reported in the press, as they were reported to a magazine, a spirituality magazine in Israel, as they were reported in their public statements at a Bayit Chadash meeting on May 11th, 2006, tragically lied terribly. It wasn’t a case of Mia being confused. It wasn’t a confusion issue. It was an egregious straight out set of lies, and they were so terrible, the lies were so intense, the bearing of false witness was so terrible, that I can’t even begin to have words to describe it.


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