Marc Gafni on Myths, Facts, and the Need for a New Sexual Narrative

What’s a womanizer?  In this series of videos, Marc Gafni explains his attitude toward sex, the sexual and women.

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In this series of interviews, Lisa Engles begins by asking Marc Gafni:

So, Marc, there’s a lot going out there on the Web, and a question that comes up for me is: are you a womanizer?

To which Marc responds:

It’s a great question. Lisa, I’m not sure what the word means. Is it a verb? Is it a noun? What’s a womanizer, you’re womanizing? So I’m not sure. But the answer to the question depends on how you define womanizer. If womanizer means I don’t honor women, if womanizer means abuse women, if womanizer means degrade women in any sense, shape or form, then I don’t have a womanizer bone in my body, not one.

Gafni goes on:

I am a massive devotee of the feminine and of women. As a matter of fact, I am madly in love with women. So if a womanizer means do I love women, absolutely. If a womanizer means do I love sex with women, absolutely. Sex with women, I can’t quite imagine the world without it. Now, in general, I love and adore people. I happen not to like sex with men because I’m not attracted to men, which kind of bums me because it knocks off 50 percent of the people in the world that you could have sex with, which is kind of tragic.


But sex is gorgeous. Women are gorgeous from where I’m sitting in the world. And women are, just like men, full, gorgeous, stunning human expressions of divinity. And actually any woman I have ever been involved with, with maybe one exception—there was once where I had kind of like a one-night connection with someone—but generally anyone I’ve been involved with I’ve been completely and want to be completely committed to who they are, to their story, to their irreducible dignity.

A little later Marc Gafni explains briefly his own attitude toward the sexual:

I don’t think sex is neutral, not just positive and certainly not just negative, and not just sacred because it makes babies. Sex is love in the body. Obviously it’s love in the body that needs appropriate container, appropriate boundaries.

And so we need to kind of redefine who we are. I stand one billion percent, one billion percent against any form of sexual harassment. I’ve never sexually harassed anyone in my life. I’m not sexually abusive in any way. And I stand fully a billion percent for the huge battle that we need to fight against dimensions of a rape culture. And I love to fuck, and I love sex. There’s no contradiction between those two things. That’s where we get confused. There’s no contradiction at all.


If you want to just watch one of the 5 main videos after the intro on this page, you can also watch them on single pages by following the links below (the playlists on these posts only consist of two videos: the intro and the main video).

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