Video Responses

In these Responses to the smear campaign attacks, Marc Gafni and Colleagues speak out to restore integrity and for the evolution of public culture. In this post-truth era of internet echo chambers and fake news, any leader can be taken down by a small group of people who initiate and organize a smear campaign against them. Public culture needs to evolve.

These videos are an invitation to take a stand for the evolution of love in public culture. They are an invitation to dialogue. Dr. Marc Gafni invites his accusers to dialogue and to commit to transformation, balanced responsibility, and appropriate apology just as he has. He also invites all of us to fact-checking and integrity. He invites us discern truth from lies, and myths from facts. You can dive in right here. On the pages themselves you find pieces from the transcripts.

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June 2016

April 2016

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